School / Student Pledge

  1. I shall respect my instructor and all senior ranks-    The black belts have worked extremely hard to be where they are, and we must observe their achievement by giving them our utmost admiration.
  2. I shall conduct myself in a respectful manner-    Martial Arts of all forms is about honor, and we are not to embarrass ourselves through ignorance of this art. We want our masters to be proud to say we are a member of Red Dragon.
  3. I shall respect the teachings of HwaRangKwan and never misuse them-    Martial Arts is not only worth learning, but a privilege. Once we learn these teachings, we become a select group who must be especially responsible for our actions. Remember; ” With great power comes great responsibility”.
  4. I shall always respect the rights of others-    All people, from white belt to black, have a unique gift that they bring to this school. Encourage these gifts and remember to treat EVERY rank as though they were your superior.
  5. I shall strive for peace and camaraderie in the world-    Just because we know how to fight, does not mean we should. if we can settle a confrontation with words, that is all we need to do.
  6. I shall always protect those weaker than myself-    Stand up for those around you, don’t let someone suffer if you are in a position to help them.