Written by Wayne Hull

This art has been nicknamed the self defense martial art. Those who pursue this art, do so with the understanding that they have a chance to not only change their well being, but to change those around them in their home and in their communities. This art does answer the question, “What are we going to do to prevent people from becoming victims of attack”?. Learn what you will do, then help those who don’t know what to do.

Every morning you awake to surroundings that hopefully bring you peace of mind and comfort. Most people develop a circle made up of those surroundings that put them at ease. Within that circle are people and objects that work well with them. As they leave that circle, they encounter other people’s circles designed for their comfort zone. How they interact with those they meet in other circles will have a drastic affect on their own. The art of Hapki-Do is a way of life that teaches the player how to harmoniously interact wit those not of his/her unique circles.

Hapki-Do means “The Way of Harmony”. The participant of Hapki-Do is referred to as player rather then student. That is not to say that the player is not a student, but rather the relationship is changed to place emphasis on the approach to the art. A student tends to view his course of study as adversarial. Something they need to conquer. The player on the other hand trains with the intent to embrace and enjoy the techniques taught him. The goal of the player is to learn how to move harmoniously within his own circle, then use those skills to successfully move intrusively in those circles around him. Because the skills are sharpened by interaction with others, the mastery of the art of Hapki-Do is a life long process. A player who is proficient at the art of Hapki-Do not only is able to move harmoniously with those around him, but affects the circles of those whom he encounters. People are drawn to those who make them feel at ease, they are changed in a small way and seek to follow the same path.

The movements of Hapki-Do that a player learns provide him a way to interact with all kinds of people without compromising the safety of his own circle. It requires that he be aware of how he moves as well as the movements of all those he encounters. The following represents the tenets of Hapki-Do and will aid the player in developing the most effective response and awareness skills;